Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wanda Strickfaden's New Book-Credit Repair: Real Answers to Your Credit Problems

About the Author:
WBTV Channel 3 news has called Wanda Strickfaden “The Financial Expert” of credit restoration. For many years, Wanda has anticipated what you need to know and want to know about your credit and money. Her book, radio and television appearances, and newsletters about credit and financial literacy have helped thousands of people like you turn their financial lives around. Wanda is known for her compassion towards others’ financial distress and a great resource of credit education. This book will transform your way of thinking about credit and credit scores.
There has never been a book that explains all the secrets that the bureaus don’t want you to know. This book contains pertinent information that Wanda has had the privilege to study and decode for many years. Good credit is the foundation to renting, lending, employment, and buying. This book will be your resource to all of your credit questions. This book is for all genres, young or old, female or male, with credit or without credit, a financial professional, or an everyday consumer. This book is for all people that want to establish credit, restore credit, and maintain excellent credit. Wanda reveals her life story about the struggles of credit and several case studies that you the reader can relate too. The Credit Repair book contains valuable information, that if applied, will change the course of your credit and credit scores. This will help you also take control of your money instead of your money taking control of you. Wanda gives you the facts and tells you the truth behind the Credit Scoring System that has left many consumers confused and helpless. Whether you are a graduate from college, well in your career, or facing retirement this book will give you the necessary tools to jump start your credit and get you out of debt today. A nationally known speaker, Wanda Strickfaden has lectured in conferences, public and private schools, and university’s while changing the way people view money and credit. Her website features valuable educational material surrounding credit and money including access to her one of a kind newsletters. For help with your credit needs or to book her for speaking engagements, visit her online at, or call 704-877-8739. New Conferences starting in 2015

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