Financial Consultant

Our Approach

We are Responsive - when you explain your situation to us we act immediately to serve your needs.

Straightforward - we do not make false promises but offer our programs along with education that meets your needs.

Confident- with over 18 years of experience we offer services backed by the latest knowledge in every service we provide.

Equal - we aim high in customer satisfaction and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

Our Story

We are 18 Years in business with thousands of positive testimonials. We have reinvented Credit Repair by doing it right the first time and keeping you in some general program for the masses. This has already been done and research proves that no one truly benefits without education and updated methods that are proven to work.

We offer the best possible services in the industry and are successful. If you are in need of credit consulting, but have hesitated contacting a reputable credit consulting company please wait no longer. We work with the following industry professionals and their clients: Mortgage Bankers. Realtors, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Tax Preparers, Bankruptcy Attorneys, and Consumer Attorneys.

Our Mission

Improve Credit's core mission is to provide knowledge to consumers and lenders who are seeing the results of insufficent credit scores. We are successful at offering our extensive expertise within the lending industry. We are fully knowledgeable to provide assistance that will change your path to credit freedom. Credit is the foundation for all your financial needs. Our programs will assist customers who need to establish credit, repair credit, and maintain excellent credit. Improve Credit is here to educate and provide excellent service. Knowledge is power! After your experience with our programs you will have the necessary tools in order to establish excellent credit. We have assembled a team of credit repair consultants who are dedicated to providing assistance and education for all of your credit needs. We are the best and our referrals tell us so.

We have found that by providing excellent customer service and delivering results is the only way to truly help consumers that are struggling with financial hardships. Improve Credit is different from other credit repair companies. We believe in educating you, providing assistance, and having you establish excellent credit.

Next step...

Our goal is that you as the consumer understand what will improve your credit and increase your score. Education is key and we look forward to your referral once you see the difference we make. Let's talk and let me help you!