Dwayne Haper / Retired Pro - Football Player

"I had a great experience working with Improve Credit Consulting Firm. They were able to educate me along the way and keep me informed of what was happening with my financial profile. I appreciated her focused attention on my specific needs. This is especially important for me at this point in time because I am in the process of buying and operating a nationally recognized franchise. Wanda was able to help me improve my credit score in a very professional manner and I would recommend her to my friends and family."

Travis Davis

“When I went to Improve Credit, I had 4 credit cards, phone bill, hospital bill, and a voluntary repossession all in collections. My credit score was ridiculously low and I had creditors constantly harassing me on a daily basis. I was reluctant at first because I thought that I would never be able to pay off all of these debts. Meeting Wanda was like a breath of fresh air because she was encouraging and thoroughly explained the steps I needed to perform to pay off my debt and increase my credit score. She was there not only as a counselor, but also as a confidant. I have also recommended Improve Credit to several of my friends who were also very please with the customer service and professionalism that they received. I will continue recommending her to my friends and family. Thanks again Wanda!"

Candido Gonzalez / GraniteInstaller@superiorstone.com

“I want to thank Improve Credit Consulting Firm for helping me through my financial crisis. When I first started with Improve Credit my score was 548. After the credit restoration process my score increased over 150 points within a 6 month period. She gave me specific instructions on how to fix my credit and increase my score. She also helped me by providing assistance with their programs. I never thought that my score whould ever be high enough to qualify for a loan, but it is. My score is now 698, and I am so proud! Thank you Improve Credit for being honest, and for your hard work. Improve Credit, LLC is the best and honest with their customers. I will recommend all of my friends and family members for their services.”

Faye Schultz Owner of Mrs. Lacy's Magnolia House

”Improve Credit was the best company that I saw around. I was in need of credit repair and Wanda was very professional and improved my credit scores in record time."

Scott Kirkland / CEO of Kirkland Construction

”My experience with Improve Credit has been amazing. In the brief period of 2 months my credit score has improved by 120 points. I highly recommend Improve Credit.They have been a pleasure to work with. They are very thorough and professional.”

Christopher Snellings

"I really appreciate what you have done for me. I had no idea how a credit report worked or how to improve it. Improve credit, not only showed me the workings of a credit report, they also showed me how to fix it and keep it fixed. Now I am diligent with my payments, along with making sure my credit cards are where they need to be. Once again, thanks Mrs Wanda."

Higinio Romero

"I am very satisfied and overjoyed with my experience with Improve Credit. I started my credit repair process with hopes that my credit would improve, and in a matter of 30-days my credit report was improved and my credit scores increase a total of 317 points within 30 days! I couldn't be happier with the results."

Victor Garido

"At first I was scared and nervous about trusting someone with all my personal information. I was lost in trying to repair my credit so I found Wanda and she took care of all my credit problems. It wasn't easy calling creditors but she worked hard to reach them one by one. I am 100% happy with her services. Now I feel an inner peace within myself."

Wilson Rodrigues / President of America Tax Service

"Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the results I have seen with your company, and more importantly the FAST results I got...it took only 30 days and my credit was completely restored! Amazing ! Thanks Wanda, it was nice doing business with you !"

Robin Lawrence / Legal Practice Assistant

"Thanks, Wanda, you are helping me and educating me at the same time. I sincerely doubt that I would be able to clear up my credit issues with such speed without your expert guidance. I am so thankful I was able to find your company when I did."

Barry Muse

"The experience I had with Wanda at improve credit was first class, she was very nice but also very professional and prompt. Improve credit raised my combined big 3 credit scores over 60 points in a little over 3 months. I will continue to use her services and will recommend all my friends to her."

Robin Lawrence / Legal Practice Assistant

"Thanks, Wanda, you are helping me and educating me at the same time. I sincerely doubt that I would be able to clear up my credit issues with such speed without your expert guidance. I am so thankful I was able to find your company when I did."

Shawn and Chritian Sicignano

"I have full Confidence in Improve Credit. Our scores increased dramatically. Also our debt is elimnated and we are looking forward to purchasing a new home soon.Thank you!"

Jim Schmitt

"I began my credit restoration process with Improve Credit Consulting Firm and just 4 months later my credit scores increased a total of 40 points, and a tax lien was removed from my credit reports! Thank you Wanda for keeping me updated with my progress, and for your assistance."

Debra Morris

My name is Debra Morris. My testimony is one of identity theft. I met Wanda at Oakmont Housing Conference in November, 2011. I had my first appointment with Improve Credit (Wanda) on December 7th, 2011. In 45 days my credit score rose 235 point with all (3) agencies in 74 days. I have found Improve Credit to be more than a business experience Wanda makes you feel optimistic and encouraged during the entire process. I could not have achieved such positive results in such little time with out the help of Wanda and Improve Credit. I've sent a friend to Wanda whom she has helped. Thank you Wanda.

Kaye Patterson

"I consulted with Wanda in October, 2011 to help repair my credit in order to get a home loan. She so diligently went through all my accounts and advise me and cleared my accounts. As of November, 2011 I was declared Debt Free and by February, 2012 my credit score have increased by 121 points. I am very happy with the results and I am on my way to home ownership."

Shaneice Elliot

"Working with Improve Credit has really helped a lot. My scores have increased drastically in the time that I have been working with Wanda. I would recommend her services to anyone."

Susan MCCain

"Everything was so easy, and I didn't have to do anything while you handled my credit process. Debra recommended me to you, and I am so glad she did. I will continue to refer my family members and friend to Improve Credit. You are knowledgeable within your field, and always so welcoming. Thank you Improve Credit for the great results!"


"Great service from Wanda and her team. I wanted to grow my business and my credit score was really holding me back. She really felt my urgency and delivered results in time."


"I have a good income and am responsible with my debts, so when it came time for a mortgage I was surprised to find my FICO so low, around 650. I met with Wanda for consultation, and she was helpful, patient, and thorough. She went over my 3-credit report and found several areas that could be improved. It did take several phone calls and some persistence, but after following her recommendation I was able to bring my score up to around 740! It seemed unbelievable. I am not usually one to make testimonials, but Wanda's consultation has given peace of mind and showed how to be more empowered in this crazy world of credit scores. Thank you Wanda."


"I came into Improve Credit on August 24rth, 2012. I had a question about my student loan cause I was 4 days delinquent and I called Sally mae with Wanda of Improve Credit and in less then 30 minutes my loan went from delinquent to current."


"At age 23, I filed for bankruptcy, not thinking the consequence and impact it can have on my credit. At age 31, I felt that there will be no hope for me, ever to have a house. In one month, my credit went up enough for me to start looking. I wanted to cry in happiness, because i finally got to an achievement. Thank you Improve Credit Consulting Firm, for everything that you do."

N.D. - Boston MA

"Wow, that was fast! Thank you Improve Credit for taking care of my unexpected problems quickly and effectively. My referral was right, you don't play around."

Alexis Terry

"Improve Credit gave me sound advice on how I can improve my credit needs. They actually showed me what to do to take charge of my own credit destiny as oppose of working with a third party company. I would encourage anyone with credit questions to seek the advice of Improve Credit first before making any type of decisions concerning your credit."

Marshal & Nicole Heizer

"Wanda Strickfaden and her team enabled me to get my credit score improved dramatically about 229 points in just 59 days! Now I can move my family with ease. The credit issues that I had would have taken me hours and days of follow up, which Wanda was able to do quickly and effectively without any input from me. After our original consultation, she only contacted me when we asked questions or our credit score was improving. Thanks a million to Wanda and her Team!"

Cavin Kennedy

"I want to thank Improve Credit Consulting Firm for improving my credit score in only 30 days! I recommend this company for anyone in need of accurate and fast results."

Jeffrey Turner

"I came to Improve Credit needing my credit fixed to purchase another home. She told me upfront what she would do to fix my credit and settle my debts and done exactly what she said. I'm very happy with the results and my score improvements!"

E.R Private Investigator

"I started my program in November 2012. At the time I had over $800,000.00 in debt due to the down fall of the economy in 2006. I found Improve Credit Consulting to be extremely important with my recovery of personal credit. They helped us save over $725,000.00 with their credit restoration program and we experienced over a 200 point increase with all three bureaus. We are now in our dream home again, and couldn't be happier with our results. Thank you Improve Credit Consulting firm for helping us get our life back! I recommend this company to anyone who needs credit restoration."

Timothy Stewart

"Improve Credit Consulting Firm far exceeded my expectations to help improve my credit in less than 5 months. I highly recommend Wanda with improve and repair your credit and help you understand how to maintain a good credit score."


"I am very grateful to Wanda from Improve Credit Consulting Firm. Since working with Wanda my credit score has increase over 85 points! Wanda negotiated with my creditors and has given me helpful advice. I highly recommend her services to anyone especially if you're on a tight budget."

Carlos cunningham / cham88@att.net

"After finding Wanda through sheer determination to not be scammed. My credit went up after 6 months of working with her to get me lender ready. She focused on everything not just 25% of the process like these so called lawyers who do this service."

Ben Hammonds

"I contacted Improve Credit because I was in desperate need of help and I'm so glad I did! Improve Credit is great to work with, she stayed with me all the way through. She helped me improve my credit, get out of debt, and even helped all the way through to me getting pequalified for a home loan. I definitely would not be in such a good position without her help. Hiring Improve Credit was the smartest thing I have done for my credit in years.....Thanks Improve Credit!

W.R / Charlotte Fish Company

"Improve Credit does what no one else can or has the time to do. They are 100% committed to repairing my credit. Wanda completely understands the magnitude of the task and because of her diligence and experience she gets the job done. I would 100% recommend Improve Credit if you’re looking to get control of your credit."

Keri Bush

"Improve Credit Consulting Firm has done things to my credit report that I would never had imagined could be done. Before starting the process, I had no clue what the problem was with my report except that passed due accounts were reported. They took the time to explain in depth what was going on with my credit. In 5 months, my credit score is on it's way up and I thank Improve Credit Consulting Firm for that. I am on my way to being a homeowner!"


"I contacted Improve Credit after a mortgage company referred me. It was the best thing l did for me and my family. In 3 weeks, we close on our first house. In 1 year my score went from 419 to 626 WOW! I am truly thankful for the hard work & commitment Improve Credit has done. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get control of their credit. IMPROVE CREDIT YOU ROCK!!"

Vonda Graham / Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator

"I wanted to email you about the wonderful things our teachers and students had to say about your presentation. Both teachers talked about how detailed you were in your presentation. They boosted about you teaching them a thing or two! I can also attest to the interest the students had in what you presented. This presentation was most informative to our students not only because they are emerging adults who just received credit counseling before makeing any major financial mistakes but also because we are a school that could benefit from such counseling. Most have not been taught how to budget or even understand how important it is. Students were throughly engaged and asking questions. I want you to know how important I feel your job is and hope to get you back in the spring to present to our entrepreneurship classes. Thanks Again!"

Matt Clark

"Improve Credit Consulting Firm was excellent at preparing me to purchase my new home. They were incredibly thorough in going through each item within my credit report to maximize my scores, as well as ensuring I was making smart decisions with debt and credit utilization, thus maintaining that my credit will be strong well in to the future. I highly recommend her services."

Ismail Badjie

"Amazing! Thanks for your dilligence. Improve Credit Consulting Firm is the company I recommend to others."


"Hi,my name is Connor and at first I was just another person who thought that to recover from low credit scores would take years.How wrong could I be.Well recently my brother in-law refered me to Improve Credit. They looked over my credit report told me not to worry and cleared a 35,000.00 dollar loan off my credit report within a few months.My credit score was 592,when we met and in eight months of taking Improve Credit Consulting Firms monthly advice letting and getting monitoring ,my credit score is now 761 .They are the real deal."

Mr and Mrs Gwendolyn Johnson

"It has been a pleasure working with Improve Credit and Wanda. She is very knowledgable of credit issues. She helped my husband and I raise our credit scores in 6 months. We highly recommend her for all your credit issues."

Tyrone Crutcher

"Outstanding! Well worth the it. Credit history(scores) can be unforgiving, but Wanda developed a plan that improved my scores over 300 points in 30 days. Attentive and responsive she is a charismatic professional that is assisting me reach a personal goal of increasing my credit score. I highly recommend her to anyone who like me struggled on your own to repair your credit or increase your score. Let the professional help you. A GOD SENT! Thank you soooo much."